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Celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation across the country. From local and community events to national celebrations, there are plenty of ways to get involved and celebrate all that makes us who we are as a country.

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The Adventure is Outdoors!

Carrying on a tradition that spans over 180 years, our vendors, farmers and artisans create the very heart of the Byward Market! Our outdoor stand holders are what makes Byward Market different from any other boutique shopping experience in the country.

More than a farmer’s market filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers…

More than boutiques featuring handcrafted clothes, jewellery and fashion…

More than a fair to sample the best sweets and treats…

More than a bustling market square in the heart of the Nation’s Capital…

Byward Outdoors is a feeling, a flavour and a way of life!

Try One of Our Favourite Recipes

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